Support for npower customers

Are you an npower customer worried about your energy bill? They can help...


Warm Response Service and free gas safety check

npower's Warm Response Service (also known as the Priority Services Register) could offer you more help if you're in poor health, are of pensionable age, or if you have a disability. This includes:

  • Large print, Braille or audio bills and other correspondence if you're hard of hearing or have problems with your eyesight.
  • A password scheme - if they need to visit you, the caller will use a password of your choice.
  • If you, and everyone in your household, can't read a meter, then they can read it for you once every quarter.
  • If English isn't your first language, they can get an interpreter to help when you contact them.
  • They can send letters to a third party, such as a relative or carer, if you find it hard to deal with yourself.
  • If you have a prepayment meter and you find it difficult to use because of illness and where it's located, they will move it free of charge.


If there is anything else you need, do let them know - especially if you use equipment that needs a constant supply of electricity like a dialysis machine, stair lift or hoist.


Free gas safety check

You can have a free gas safety check once a year if you're a homeowner, get means-tested benefits and:

  • Live with a child under five years old, or
  • Are of pensionable age, disabled or chronically sick and live alone, or with others who are of pensionable age, disabled, chronically sick or under 18.


For help with this you need to contact the Warm Response Line on:

0808 172 6999 or 0330 100 8669 (open Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm and Saturday, 8am to 6pm. Or visit


Health Through Warmth

npower Health Through Warmth was set up in 2000, together with the NHS and National Energy Action, the national fuel poverty charity.

Health Through Warmth offers support to vulnerable people living in England who have long-term, cold related illnesses and need help to fund and install heating and insulation in their homes that they can't afford themselves.

To find out more go to