Nicky visits fast-growing East Midlands success story Accrosoft

Loughborough-based Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software and its parent company Accrosoft welcomed Nicky to its offices on Friday 19th October, to hear how the software company has grown from 16 to 76 people in just 4 years.   Nicky met staff and management and viewed newly-launched software from Accrosoft aimed at the education market. 

The award-winning company, based in Jubilee Drive, Loughborough, develops recruitment, educational and employee engagement software and has already received UK and worldwide accolades including from consultants Deloitte.  It has just received a substantial cash injection – £2.5 million - from Foresight, a leading independent infrastructure and private equity investment management company, on behalf of VCT funds managed by Foresight.

Nicky saw at first hand Accrosoft’s latest product, UK School Jobs - - which allows educational establishments to advertise their vacancies nationally helping them to significantly reduce their recruitment advertising costs.  There are also facilities to create and host an organisation’s careers site allowing them to better promote themselves in the search for strong candidates in a shrinking market.  Customers of UK School Jobs can also use the integrated applicant tracking system to improve the process of shortlisting and hiring staff. Nicky commented on how technology companies such as Accrosoft are helping the East Midlands community by providing direct employment as well as benefiting the local economy.    

Nicky said, “I visited Accrosoft around 18 months ago and I’m delighted to see that it continues to go from strength to strength.   The East Midlands hi-tech community is flourishing.  It was interesting to see how Accrosoft software is helping companies and educational establishments worldwide to recruit and communicate efficiently. 

“It’s good to hear that Vacancy Filler and Accrosoft attribute much of their success to their ability to hire their own talented staff, helped in no small amount by the proximity of world-leading education establishments and Loughborough’s central location with outstanding transport connections.”  

Jay Staniforth, Marketing Director, Accrosoft, said, “Most of our staff come from the local area, with some joining the company after graduating from Loughborough University.  Nicky is keen to support local employers in any way she can and we are delighted to have the support of our local MP.  The recent cash injection of £2.5 million into the company by Foresight will help us grow even faster.“


(Pictured are Mitesh Chauhan, Technical Director; Richard Faulkner, Lead Developer; Nicky Morgan MP; Jay Staniforth, Marketing Director; Scott Cunningham, Lead Recruiter)