​​​​​​​Nicky Morgan MP and the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Heritage Rail call for changes to encourage young people to volunteer on heritage railways

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Heritage Rail is calling for changes to out of date legislation which prevents young people from volunteering on heritage railways. 

The group's report reveals that not enough young volunteers, and particularly young women, are being recruited which is essential to ensure the future of Britain’s heritage lines. 

Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Heritage Rail, Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP said: 

“Members of our group found some of the evidence from young people involved to be inspirational and the work being done by the railways to be a powerful force supporting social cohesion and a great example of vocational development and training. But there is no doubt more needs to be done to find the new generation of heritage rail workers and volunteers and this will have to include a more diverse workforce too.”

The experience for young people of working on heritage railways encourages teamwork and discipline, interpersonal skills and social cohesion, the report found. 

Heritage railways themselves contribute to a wide range of Government policies in relation to local economic growth, the encouragement of tourism, employment, training, social cohesion and accessibility.  They are also an important recruiting ground for the national rail network.

Nicky Morgan also commented: 

“The effect of the 1920 Act is divisive in excluding young people from valuable work experience on heritage railways, which helps develop social and interpersonal skills as well as technical training.”

A copy of the report can be found below.


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