Nicky gets behind #NoVANber call to tackle devastating tool thefts

A Loughborough plumber is joining forces with a Member of Parliament to highlight the scourge of van crime, and those whose livelihoods have been jeopardised by it, to petition for a change in the law.

Peter Booth explained how thieves stealing tools can be devastating to tradesmen and women “The loss of tools can be severe when you rely on them for your entire livelihood. Even if you are insured for the loss a tradesman having to source replacements, organise vehicle repairs and rebook appointments can easily lose out on a week’s work.

“For those who can’t find affordable insurance the effect can mean the loss of livelihood.

Peter continued “A sticker saying ‘tools removed from vehicle overnight’ simply isn’t the answer. Even when tools are removed thieves think it’s a case of reverse psychology and break in anyway; and, of course, when that happens you can be left without your work vehicle for weeks whilst it is being repaired.”

According to Peter the answer is an effective deterrent “Thieves know that if they get caught all they will face is a theft from motor vehicle charge and a small fine. They have to understand that stealing a livelihood is a much more serious offence and should carry with it commensurate penalties.”

That is why Peter is calling on tradesmen and women, and their friends and families, to get behind the #NoVANber petition lobbying the Government for appropriate sentencing for van crime.

Nicky Morgan, the MP for Loughborough, takes up Peter’s story.

“I hear on a fairly regular basis from tradesmen and women about the impact on their lives when tools are stolen. I’m delighted to work with Peter to highlight the huge impact the theft of tools can have on hard working families reliant on them to pay their bills.

“I’m getting behind the #NoVANber campaign to raise awareness of this important issue, and I’m asking you to sign the petition too. We need to ensure that there is a real deterrent to stop thieves destroying livelihoods.”

You can sign the petition by clicking here.