My Week in Westminster - 8th June 2018

Met with other Leicestershire MPs to discuss the Leicester and Leicestershire Strategic Growth Plan – this draft plan sets out the aspirations for delivering housing, economic, and infrastructure growth in our local area until 2050. If you would like to read the draft plan, you can do so here.


Supported the call for a debate on ME – I recognise how debilitating this condition can be which is why I pressed for a wider debate on this issue during a recent Westminster Hall debate on the PACE trials. Since then, I have had further discussions with colleagues about how to take this matter forward and I am pleased that we have now secured another 3 hour debate on ME on 21st June. 


Chaired Treasury Select Committee evidence sessions on the UK’s economic relationship with the EU and service disruption at TSB – if you would like to watch these sessions, you can do so here. More information about these inquiries and the work of the committee can be found here.


My office supported the Independent Fetal Anti-Convulsant Trust’s (INFACT’s) conference on Sodium Valproate – following a meeting with a local resident, my office attended this conference to hear more about INFACT’s work campaigning on behalf of women who were not informed that taking anti-epileptic drugs, such as Sodium Valproate, during their pregnancy could negatively affect their unborn child. More information about INFACT can be found here.


Attended a lunch with the Maths Anxiety Trust – this lunch was an opportunity to hear about the work of the Trust and their views on the maths curriculum. More information about the Trust can be found here.