My Week in Westminster - 18th May 2018

Attended a briefing with the Prime Minister on the Customs Union - whilst the 2017 Conservative Party Manifesto ruled out continued membership of both the Single Market and the Customs Union, it also said that the UK would seek a deep and special partnership via a free trade and customs agreement. As Turkey shows us, a customs union deal with a non-EU member is possible and so it is important to now explore what is meant by a ‘customs agreement’. The briefing was an opportunity to be updated on the Government’s current position on the matter.


Interviewed for The Times – during the interview, we discussed my views on the current political climate, a Hard Brexit, the EU (Withdrawal) Bill and immigration. If you would like to read the article, you can do so here.


Spoke at a British Chamber in Europe event – this event brought together key partners and stakeholders of the Council of British Chambers in Europe. I spoke about the current business/economic landscape and the Brexit negotiations.


Wrote to the Transport Secretary, Jesse Norman, about HGV Sat Navs – I understand that when HGVs contravene road weight limits locally, which are in place to protect our roads and communities, it is often because the driver has been following a sat nav unsuitable for HGV use and thus deliberately ignored the signage. Therefore, I have written to the Minister in support of the Local Government Association’s campaign to make it compulsory for HGV drivers to use a HGV Sat Nav.


Wrote to the Environment Secretary, Michael Gove, about the ban on single use plastics – I welcome the steps the Government is taking steps to eliminate plastic waste and, following a query from a local resident, I have written to the Minister asking whether the ban will extend to various plastic components included in the construction of fireworks, such as whistles, bangs and fire work heads.


Chaired Treasury Select Committee evidence sessions on economic crime, Maxwellisation and SME Finance – if you would like to watch these sessions, you can do so here. More information about these inquiries and the work of the committee can be found here.