Loughborough MP welcomes statistics which show crime reduction in Leicestershire

Loughborough MP, Nicky Morgan has welcomed the latest release of crime statistics for Leicestershire by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) showing a 14% reduction in the annual recorded crime rate for the county.

The statistics produced from the Police recorded crime figures for the year ending March, 2012 show that Leicestershire had the 3rd highest annual rate decline of 14% throughout England and Wales.

The percentage decline in Leicestershire is double that of the national average, where the figures produced by the ONS show a 7% reduction in recorded crime in England and Wales.

Significantly, the ONS statistics show recorded crime is down by over 10% under this government along with an independent survey showing public experience of crime is at its lowest levels since records began.

Responding to the publication of these statistics by the ONS and the independent Survey on public experience of crime, Nicky said:

“I am absolutely delighted with the findings of the ONS, demonstrating the fantastic work being done nationally, and particularly in Leicestershire by our hard-working police, to tackle crime.

“These figures should give the residents of Leicestershire and those who spend time in the county real faith in this Government’s ability to bring down crime and make our streets and property safe from the devastating effects of crime.

“These statistics in no way mean the job is done or that further reductions are inevitable and therefore we as a government along with the police will continue to work tirelessly to bring these figures down even further.”