Local MP is in the running!

Nicky Morgan, MP for Loughborough, joined in on a recent Leadership in Running Fitness Course, as she shared her passion for recreational running and emphasised the importance of programmes such as the Beginners Running Project, in building sport into people’s daily lives.

Nicky Morgan MP got in on the action at a course for new Run Leaders on Saturday 2ndNovember, at SportPark, Loughborough University. The England Athletics Leadership in Running Fitness course was attended by 20 volunteers who are all hoping to encourage more people into running as part of the Run England programme.

Nicky spoke to the group about her passion for running calling it her sanity break from a busy life as MP and Minister to the Treasury; describing how she had trained for the London Marathon and completed it in 5 hours 15 minutes. Nicky said, “This was a massive achievement for me, although according to my 5 year old son, my success was tarnished by being beaten by a fire extinguisher and a beer bottle!”

“I now regularly enter 5k races and park runs with hundreds of other people so it’s clear that running is more popular than ever. What Run England and you as Leaders are doing to encourage more people into sport and build it into their daily lives is really important. It’s great to break records, but there’s also a lot to be said for running as a way of keeping your sanity and to improve general wellbeing and fitness, so thank you.”

Nicky then joined the group in dynamic warm-up and static cool-down activities, which provided demonstrations of good practice and ideas for the leaders to use with their own beginner runners.

Some of the course candidates have received scholarships from the Leicester-Shire & Rutland Sport (LRS) Beginners Running Project and will now go on to establish new beginners running groups in Leicestershire.

Beverley Hooper, Running Activator for Leicestershire and Rutland said, “The passion for running and enthusiasm of our Run Leaders has been crucial to the success of the project. As a result, many new runners have gone on to exceed their own expectations by entering local fun runs and events, league races and half and full marathons.  We have a core number of established groups that run all year round and many runners have joined local clubs. Thanks to Run England and LRS, running in Leicestershire is going from strength to strength!”

The Leicester-Shire & Rutland Beginners Running Project currently has 45 groups currently live on the portal www.runengland.info or www.lrsport.org/running for more information.