Westminster News

My Week in Westminster - 3rd July

Spoke with the Transport Secretary, the Rail Minister and Network Rail about the recent announcement about electrification of the Midland Mainline – The Government remains committed to improving and electrifying our local line, the Midland Mainline. It is important however that this investment is delivered well and I continue to follow progress carefully.

My Week in Westminster - 26th June

Attended an AXA Research meeting – I was delighted to meet with a constituent undertaking a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Loughborough University to hear about the wonderful research they are carrying out on the factors causing malnourishment in children. It was also great to hear about the funding they were receiving from AXA to carry out this research. If you would like to find out more information about the AXA Research Fund, it can be found at: https://www.axa-research.org/

My Week in Westminster - 5th June

Hosted a Leicestershire Promotions Dinner in Parliament – I was delighted we were able to announce the Loughborough Festival of Illustrated Children's Literature to the national media following many months of discussions. The festival will take place for the first time from 22nd-26th October this year, with a major five-day event showcasing new and existing literature for children. 

My Week in Westminster - 29th May

Swore in as the Member of Parliament for Loughborough – After a long campaign meeting people from across Loughborough, Shepshed, Quorn, Barrow, Sileby, Hathern, Mountsorrel Castle and the Wolds villages, I was privileged to be re-elected as Loughborough’s voice in Westminster over the next 5 years.  

My Week in Westminster - 6th March

Spoke to an event organised by the Loughborough-based Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors – The institute is based in Loughborough and represents the ergonomics and human factors sector, which works to improve the design of products, systems, and processes. The institute has recently been granted its Royal Charter, recognising its important contribution to our country. You can find out more information here: www.ergonomics.org.uk/uncategorized/the-iehf-is-now-chartered

My Week in Westminster - 27th February

Raised the issue of police pensions with the Home Secretary – This week I have raised several issues regarding police pensions and the pension entitlement of police widows with the Home Secretary on behalf of local residents.

My Week in Westminster - 13th February

Spoke with the Chief Fire Officer having signed a letter following a Fire Brigade Union meeting - I have discussed local government funding with Leicestershire MPs, local councillors, Leicestershire fire services and the Department for Local Government over the last five years. This week I joined some of the Leicester and Leicestershire MPs in writing to the Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service to highlight the views of the local Fire Brigade Union and their members.

My Week in Westminster - 6th February

Sponsored and spoke at a meeting of the Leicester & Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership – Our local LLEP allows local government, the businesses and other local groups to come together to support economic growth, regeneration and jobs in Loughborough and the rest of Leicestershire. I spoke to the 50 or so delegates from our area about how best we can continue to build on our growing local economy.