Westminster News

Week in Westminster - 7th March

Highlighted local concerns on several issues, including healthcare and car insurance, as well as high pay at the BBC – I regularly raise the viewpoints and concerns of local residents with the Government or the responsible organisation. This week I asked what is being done to make sure people are able to find the lowest price for their car insurance; what is being done by the NHS to help those with high or low blood; and finally, I asked the Chairman of the BBC Trust what is being done to ensure salaries at the BBC represent good value for money.

Week in Westminster - 28th February

Raised the issue of prescription charges with the Department of Health – There is currently a long list of exemptions from prescription charges, including for people with low incomes and certain long term conditions, which means 90 per cent of items are dispensed without charge. Several residents have raised the issue of prescription charges for conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis with me, and I raised these concerns with the Department of Health. Information on help with prescription charges can be found here: www.nhs.uk/nhsengland/Healthcosts/pages/Prescriptioncosts

Week in Westminster – 14th February

Spoke to Skills Minister about Loughborough College’s bid for capital funding – The Department for Education is currently investing millions of pounds in refurbishing and building projects at schools and colleges around the country. This week I spoke again with Matthew Hancock, the Minister responsible, about this local bid.

Week in Westminster – 7th February

Congratulated Loughborough College on their Association of Colleges (AoC) Beacon Award for their Bridge to Work scheme – The Beacon awards highlight the breadth and quality of education in Colleges throughout the UK. Loughborough College’s Bridge to Work scheme helps students transition from education into the work place by providing career advice and work placements. I’ve worked closely with this scheme from the start and I’m so pleased to see the College’s hard work being recognised by the AoC. More information about the Bridge to Work scheme can be found here: www.loucoll.ac.uk/bridge2work

Week in Westminster – 31st January

ttended the Parliamentary Energy Saving Week 2014 launch - Citizens Advice and other advice organisations are available to offer help on saving money and cutting energy bills. Citizens Advice is currently working hard to help vulnerable consumers understand the energy market and ensure they get all available support to manage their energy bills. If you would like free advice on cutting your energy bills, you can also call the Energy Savings Advisory Service on 0300 123 1234.

Week in Westminster – 24th January

Followed up on local residents’ concerns about confidentially of medical records – The NHS is expanding the way it uses information to improve services and identify health trends and common problems. I previously raised local concerns with the Health Secretary about making sure that greater use of data will not mean personally identifiable information being used by third parties without the express permission of patients. The Government has guaranteed this would not happen.

Week in Westminster – 17th January

Spoke to the Education Minister Matt Hancock about capital funding for Loughborough College – I visit Loughborough College often and have been in regular contact with the Education Minister regarding a bid for capital funding the College has made.

Week in Westminster – 10th January 2014

Spoke to those working on the project to redevelop the nearby Stanford Hall – residents will know that there are plans to establish a Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre (DNRC) at Stanford Hall, just outside Loughborough. More information about the project can be found here: www.stanfordhallredevelopment.org.uk