Westminster News

My Week in Westminster - 25th May 2018

Led a Westminster Hall debate on planning – I know that planning is a great concern to many local residents and so I applied for this debate to discuss the role of local communities in the planning system.

My Week in Westminster - 18th May 2018

Attended a briefing with the Prime Minister on the Customs Union - whilst the 2017 Conservative Party Manifesto ruled out continued membership of both the Single Market and the Customs Union, it also said that the UK would seek a deep and special partnership via a free trade and customs agreement

My Week in Westminster - 11th May 2018

Wrote to the Prime Minister and the Home Secretary about the Windrush generation - I recognise the contribution that Commonwealth citizens, like the Windrush generation, have made to our country.

My Week in Westminster - 29th March 2018

Supported the Prime Minister’s Statement on the European Council - the Prime Minister updated the House on the most recent meeting at the European Council.

My Week in Westminster - 23rd March 2018

My office supported the East Midlands APPG meeting - this APPG brings together MPs of all parties who represent constituencies in the East Midlands to discuss regional matters and decide how best to work together to promote local causes in Parliament.

My Week in Westminster - 16th March 2018

Supported the Spring Statement – I was pleased by the Chancellor’s balanced approach and that the Government has identified housing as an economic and social priority.

My Week in Westminster - 9th March 2018

Wrote to Sarah Newton MP, Minister for Disabled People, Health and Work, about PIP assessments – a local provider raised their concerns with me about the difficulties faced by patients with mental health issues in applying for PIP and having their existing payments reviewed.

My Week in Westminster - 2nd March 2018

Chaired a Treasury Select Committee evidence session on household finances – last year, as Chair, I launched an inquiry into household finances which will look into whether households are saving adequately in the current economic environment, problematic and over-indebtedness, inter-generational

My Week in Westminster - 23rd February 2018

Reviewed the Government’s preliminary analysis on Brexit – the Government made this latest economic analysis available to MPs and also passed it to the Commons Committee on Exiting the EU and the Lords EU Committee.