Local News

Nicky Morgan MP welcomes new post box for Grange Park estate

The residents of Grange Park in Loughborough have recently celebrated the installation of a new post box, following a three year campaign to have one installed in the area. The installation of the new post box has meant that residents no longer have to travel by car to post a letter.

Nicky Morgan MP has ‘eye opening’ experience at Loughborough Hospital

Local MP Nicky Morgan has paid tribute to the first class cataract operation service at based at Loughborough Hospital. During a recent visit, Nicky met with Mr Amar Alwitry who is a consultant ophthalmologist and eye surgeon in charge of this service at the Hospital. She also had a chance to chat with the theatre staff.

The EBP talks teenagers with local MP

LOUGHBOROUGH MP Nicky Morgan hosted a visit from social enterprise The EBP to talk about the difference National Citizen Service (NCS) is making to the lives of local teenagers.

Holocaust Survivors and Refugees in Need: Nicky joins UK-wide search

Loughborough MP Nicky Morgan is encouraging Holocaust survivors of Jewish origin who may be in need to come forward as there is help available to them. The Six Point Foundation is a time-limited grant-making foundation dedicated to providing grants to Holocaust survivors and refugees in financial difficulty.