My views on Brexit

Thank you for the hundreds of e-mails I’ve had in recent weeks about Brexit, the draft Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration, the calls for a second referendum, the role of Parliament and MPs and many other related issues.

I have attached an open letter to constituents at the bottom of this page which sets out how I intend to vote on the agreement. I have also set out my views on a number of associated issues below, which I hope will be helpful.


Withdrawal Agreement

A copy of the proposed EU Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration can be found here.

The independent House of Commons Library analysis of the agreement can be found here.

I am supportive of this agreement for the reasons set out in my article here.


Timing of the Meaningful Vote

I was disappointed that the vote on the agreement was deferred and I raised my concerns with the Prime Minister in the House of Commons on Monday after her statement. My intervention can be found here.


Second Referendum/People’s Vote

I do not support a second referendum or the People’s Vote campaign. My reasons why can be found here.


No Deal

I do not support leaving the EU without a deal as this would severely impact on the economy, employers and the finances of households across the country and in my constituency. I pressed the Prime Minister to avoid this scenario here.


Alternative Plan

Should the House of Commons vote against the agreement, I believe that a credible alternative is Norway Plus. My thoughts on this can be found here.

The Norway Plus Group has put together a pamphlet setting out proposals for how Norway Plus would work and why it would ensure that we deliver on the result of the referendum whilst protecting the economic interests of those across the UK. A copy of this can be found here.


Treasury Select Committee

The House of Commons Treasury Select Committee, of which I am Chair, conducted hearings at the beginning of December into the economic impact of the Brexit withdrawal agreement and of the future frame work.  This was based on analysis carried out by the Government, the Bank of England and the Financial Conduct Authority at the request of the Committee.  Our report on this can be found here


Further Information

A full list of what I’ve said in the House of Commons in debates on Brexit (and other issues) can be found here.

Information for EU citizens in the UK on how to obtain settled status in the UK can be found here.

The independent House of Commons Library has produced a number of research documents covering all aspects of Brexit. These can be found here.


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