Local A&E Services

Thank you to those constituents who have contacted me about our local A&E services.

I also recognise the important role played by A&E departments across the country. Our NHS currently provides more people than ever before with high quality care and it is right that the Government is supporting it by investing an additional £10 billion per annum by the end of this Parliament and ensuring that there are record numbers of doctors and nurses.

I know the NHS is under pressure and so, to make sure that we have the best standards of care in the future, we need an updated system which prioritises GP access, cancer care and mental health treatment. Therefore, the NHS is using local Sustainability and Transformation Plans to help deliver these changes.

Our local plan, Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland’s STP, is currently being produced. However, the presentation which our local Footprint Lead, Mr Toby Sanders, gave to the local Health & Wellbeing Board makes no mention of our local A&E service being at risk of closure. If you would be interested in reading this, you can do so here: http://politics.leics.gov.uk/documents/s122648/STP%20update%2013.9.16.pdf.

Any decisions would also not occur without local consultation.

In addition, Leicester Royal Infirmary are currently building their new £48 million A&E department which will combine A&E with the urgent care centre and admissions unit at the hospital. This will ensure that local residents receive high quality care in an improved environment.